In a Nutshell

Hi there! My name is Rodney!
I like telling six word tales.
I have a passion for technology.
I love building and breaking things.
I am from Connecticut.
Making new friends is always fun.
Computer programming is very fascinating.
But networking and infrastructures are also important.
Speaking in public? Not a problem.
I'm really good at fixing cars.
Favorite Movie? Two Lane Blacktop.
Want to know more? Look down below!

Thanks for hanging around!

I am currently a full-time data analyst at Site Impact, where we specialize in providing multi-channel direct marketing services and targeted email marketing campaigns with the most seasoned and forward thinking marketing experts in the industry.  I and from West Hartford, CT originally and grew up fascinated by all the different technologies around me, especially those involving electronics and computers. I knew that technology would be a major part of my future, and I made it my goal to contribute in any way that I could.

Computer Technology has been and will always be my passion. I strive to create great software not for fame and fortune, but because I genuinely want to help people. I want to change the world in any way that I can, and I believe that computer programming presents an extraordinary opportunity for me to do so. Technology will only continue to become a bigger part of peoples’ lives as time goes on, and I want to be there as it does.